English for PC

Personal Computers for Students

Week 1: Addresses

World Wide Web – the same as the Internet
Online – you are connected to the Internet by telephone line or cable line.
Offline – you are using your computer but are not connected to the Internet.
Web site – a business, government or person’s page on the Internet where you
can put information for people to read.
Web page – one page of a web site
Download – to get a program or files from the Internet and put them in your computer.
Link – a word or a picture in a web site that takes you to another web site when you click it.
Internet address – an address that you need to type to get to a web site. All Internet addresses start with ‘http://’. Many Internet addresses have ‘www’ as the first letters, but some don’t. For example, this is an Internet address: http://www.cic.gc.ca
E-mail address – an E-mail address has a person’s name or nick name followed by @ and then the Internet company’s name. For example, these are E-mail addresses: donna@sprint.ca clb@yahoo.com


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