English for PC

Personal Computers for Students

Week 2 Vocabulary

Parts of a computer–quiz |here|.

To save your work, you can use a floppy disk .

You can control the computer with a mouse .

Most modern computers have a microphone so you can record your voice.

To see text and graphics, look on the monitor .

If you want to save large files, a zip disk is useful.

To store files on your computer, the hard drive is used.

The brain of the computer is known as the central processing unit .

When you load a program, instructions go into RAM memory .

If you have a scanner , you’ll be able to digitize photos and put them on your computer.

If you print your work, this is called hard copy .

If you buy a digital video camera , you can make movies and edit them on your computer!

The keyboard is used to enter information.

When you use audio on your computer, use headphones if you don’t want others to hear.

If you want to put information on paper, use the printer .

You can download photos directly to your computer if you have a digital camera .


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