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Personal Computers for Students

Exercise 1: Using the internet

1. Open the Internet Explorer browser by clicking on the icon internet-explorer-icon.jpgor by clinking the start button and selecting”programs”.

2. You will look at the weather for Chicago.

3. Click in the address box .


4. If the address turns blue, you can type to erase the current address.

5. If the current address does not turn blue, you will see a cursor (a flashing line). To erase the address, use the Backspace Key or the Delete key from the keyboard.

6. Type:


7. Type ENTER.

8. You are now at the Weather Channel’s page. Look at the top of the page for a box that says Enter zip code or US city.

9. Click in the box with your mouse. Look for the cursor. Type your city or zip code.

10. Type Enter.

scroll-bar.jpg11. The top of many web pages is advertising and banners. To see the entire page, scroll down. Click on the arrows to move up or down. Drag the scroll bar to move quickly. Use the middle button on your mouse to scroll quickly.

12. Scroll down to today’s weather. You will see the “36-hour Forecast”


13. Words that are blue and underlined are called links. They take you to another page. Point the mouse to a link. Your cursor will look like a hand.


14. To return to the first page click the Back button under the Menu Bar. back-arrow.jpg


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