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Exercise 2: Search Engines

Use a search engine to look for information.

Using Google:

1. Type http://www.google.com in the address line and press ENTER.


2. Click in the box and type the name of a famous person.

3. Click Google search button.

4. You will get a list of links. You can click on the links for more information.

5. Look at the top right side of the screen to see how many websites Google found.


Results 1-10 of about 1,590,000 for Elvis Presley

6. To go back to the original search, click the back button.back-arrow.jpg

Find Information Online

1. Now go back to Google and type computer.

2. See how many links Google found. Is it more or less than one million?

3. If you get too many links, add more words to narrow your search. Now search for computer store.

4. How many links did Google find?

If google can’t find it, try a different search engine:





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