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Email Vocabulary in Spanish and French

Email Vocabulary – Spanish, French


free – gratis,  gratuit

mail – correo, corrier

sign in – ingresa, inscrire

sign up – registrate, inscription

first name —  nombre, prenom

last name – apellido, nom

gender – sexo, sexe

birthday – cumpleanos, date de naissance

I live in – vivo en, pays de résidence

postal code — zona postal, code postal

ID – nombre de usuario, compte

Try – comprobar, vérifier

password – contraseña, mot de passé

security question — pregunta de seguridad, question secrète

answer – respuesta, réponse

type – introduce, tapez

re-type – repite, retapez

code – codigo, code

create my account– crear mi cuenta, J’accepte

check mail — checar correo, lire e-mail

inbox — buxon, boite de reception

new – nuevo, nouvelles

send – enviar, envoyer

sign out – salida, déconnexion


April 18, 2008 - Posted by | Vocabulary

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