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Microsoft Word Instructions


Click “Start” button.

Choose “All Programs” and “Microsoft Word”.


Look at “type size”.  Is it 12 or larger?

Look at “zoom”.  Is it large enough to see?

If you write a short line, press “Enter”. If you write paragraph, press “enter” at the end of the paragraph.


Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Save” or “save as” (to choose location).

Change “Save in” box to “3 1/2 floppy”.

Change “file name” to name the file.

Click “Save”.


Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Print”.

The Print Menu will open.  Click “OK”.

Open a document:

Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Open”

Change “Look in” box to “3 1/2 Floppy”

Click the file name.

Click “Open”.

Font and Font Size:

click arrow

Bold, Italic, Underlining:

Click button to turn on.

Click button to turn off.

or drag mouse to highlight text, then click button


Click button for left, right, center or justify.  Or select with mouse, then click.

Cut, Copy, Paste:

Click “Edit” menu. Select cut, copy or paste.

or left click mouse for menu.


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