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Exercise for internet

1. Think of 3 hobbies you have.  What is a hobby? Look in the dictionary |here|.

2. Write the 3 hobbies.

3. Search for one hobby in a search engine like Google.

4. In your notebook, list 3 websites about your hobby.  Write the name of the website, the address of the website and something about the website you want to remember.  (good, very good, not interesting)

5. If you have more time, look for more hobbies. Try other search engines like yahoo.com or msn.com.

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Microsoft Word Excercise

Exercise 1:
1. Center the typing. Use the center button.
Point to the button. A pop-up sign says Align left, Center, or Align right.

The cursor will move to the center of the line.

2. Type For Sale. Pres ENTER.
3. Type Used Computer. Press ENTER.
4. Move the cursor to the left. Use the Align left button.

5. Type your poster.
6. Save the sign to your disk.
7. Print the sign to the printer.


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Yahoo Exercise

Exercise 2:
Go to yahoo.com.
Sign in to your Email.
Write a short letter to your teacher.
Attach your sign from exercise #1.
Send the Email.

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Microsoft Word Instructions


Click “Start” button.

Choose “All Programs” and “Microsoft Word”.


Look at “type size”.  Is it 12 or larger?

Look at “zoom”.  Is it large enough to see?

If you write a short line, press “Enter”. If you write paragraph, press “enter” at the end of the paragraph.


Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Save” or “save as” (to choose location).

Change “Save in” box to “3 1/2 floppy”.

Change “file name” to name the file.

Click “Save”.


Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Print”.

The Print Menu will open.  Click “OK”.

Open a document:

Click “File” Menu.

Choose “Open”

Change “Look in” box to “3 1/2 Floppy”

Click the file name.

Click “Open”.

Font and Font Size:

click arrow

Bold, Italic, Underlining:

Click button to turn on.

Click button to turn off.

or drag mouse to highlight text, then click button


Click button for left, right, center or justify.  Or select with mouse, then click.

Cut, Copy, Paste:

Click “Edit” menu. Select cut, copy or paste.

or left click mouse for menu.

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Write E-mail

Write a letter with Yahoo:

1. Go to the internet

internet explorer icon

2. Go to http://www.yahoo.com

3. Sign in

~Yahoo ID


~click “Sign In” box


4. Click “Mail”


5. Click “new”


6. Click “Email message”


7. Write letter

~write address in “To:”

~write subject in “Subject:”

~write letter in space


8. Click “send”

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Email Vocabulary in Spanish and French

Email Vocabulary – Spanish, French


free – gratis,  gratuit

mail – correo, corrier

sign in – ingresa, inscrire

sign up – registrate, inscription

first name —  nombre, prenom

last name – apellido, nom

gender – sexo, sexe

birthday – cumpleanos, date de naissance

I live in – vivo en, pays de résidence

postal code — zona postal, code postal

ID – nombre de usuario, compte

Try – comprobar, vérifier

password – contraseña, mot de passé

security question — pregunta de seguridad, question secrète

answer – respuesta, réponse

type – introduce, tapez

re-type – repite, retapez

code – codigo, code

create my account– crear mi cuenta, J’accepte

check mail — checar correo, lire e-mail

inbox — buxon, boite de reception

new – nuevo, nouvelles

send – enviar, envoyer

sign out – salida, déconnexion

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Email Vocabulary

free __________________ ____________________

mail __________________ ____________________

sign in __________________ ____________________

sign up __________________ ____________________

first __________________ ____________________

name __________________ ____________________

last __________________ ____________________

gender __________________ ____________________

birthday __________________ ____________________

live __________________ ____________________

in __________________ ____________________

postal code __________________ ____________________

ID __________________ ____________________

password __________________ ____________________

type __________________ ____________________

re-type __________________ ____________________

code __________________ ____________________

do you agree __________________ ____________________

create __________________ ____________________

account __________________ ____________________

cancel __________________ ____________________

check mail




sign out

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Go to yahoo.com. Click “Sign up”.

Answer the questions. For help, look at “Vocabulary for Email“.

Think of an ID. Test the ID. Write your ID in your notebook.

The ID name must be unique.

Think of a password. Write the password in your notebook.

Go to yahoo.com. Click “Sign in”.

Click “new”. Click “Write a new mail message”.

Write an Email.

If you still have a problem you can go to http://mx.yahoo.com/ for Spanish or http://fr.yahoo.com/ for French.

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Exercise 2: Search Engines

Use a search engine to look for information.

Using Google:

1. Type http://www.google.com in the address line and press ENTER.


2. Click in the box and type the name of a famous person.

3. Click Google search button.

4. You will get a list of links. You can click on the links for more information.

5. Look at the top right side of the screen to see how many websites Google found.


Results 1-10 of about 1,590,000 for Elvis Presley

6. To go back to the original search, click the back button.back-arrow.jpg

Find Information Online

1. Now go back to Google and type computer.

2. See how many links Google found. Is it more or less than one million?

3. If you get too many links, add more words to narrow your search. Now search for computer store.

4. How many links did Google find?

If google can’t find it, try a different search engine:




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